Bow-ying:  Bowling
Crew-Times:  Croutons
Keycock:  Peacock
Muffets:  Muffins
To-my-yo:  Tomorrow
Part-Tart: Pop  Tart
Pick-Mick:  Picnic
Neck-A-Less:  Necklace
Armpinch: Deodorant
Green Grankie:  Green Blanket
Donkey-Donkey:  Okie Dokie
Shoe-Shee:  Sushi
Row-Yer Skating:  Roller Skating
Sugarling: Shivering
CrashCan: Trashcan

Nov 2011

We had just gotten back from spending the week at Grammy's, where Eric received toasted bread for all his sandwiches.  For whatever reason, he thought that was the best thing ever.  I gently reminded him to NOT expect toasted bread at home, as we did not have a toaster.  Upon returning back home, I had no desire to cook this particular night, but it was cold, so I made Eric a grilled ham and cheese.  His response?

"You made toasted bread!  Good job, mommy!"

Thank you.  Thank you so much, little one.

I insisted that the boys stay out of the living room tonight so that I could get it cleaned up and prepared for Christmas.  They weren't being very good listeners, so I had to firmly insist that they stay out while I cleaned - several times.  We had just put the tree up and I was wanting the living room to look put together.  I got carried away, and put up a lit wreath and a lit Christmas house.  The branches on the tree started to drop and the tree began looking fuller.  It was starting to look very Christmas-y, which made me very happy.  Eric and Matthew had been playing in their playroom,  After I finished in the living room, they quickly helped me clean a few things up in the other rooms.  In the midst of cleaning, Matthew saw the lit decorations and stared in awe.  I asked Eric if he had seen the living room yet.

Eric:  ...... No.......
Me:  Go look!!
Eric:  (calling out from the living room) Yes.  It's very nice and clean.
Me: ...........

December 2011

Eric has discovered a new channel.  The Weather Channel.  He's completely obsessed.  Poor Matthew.  I've asked Eric to change the channel after hours of having it on.  He refuses.  When asked why he won't change it, he simply states, "Because I don't know what the weather is".  I think I gave birth to Benjamin Button.

November 2011

Eric and Matthew had been running around the house and I had grown tired of listening to it.  I told Eric to stop running.  This was our conversation:

Me:  Stop running!
Eric:  But Matthew is chasing me!
Me:  If you stop running, he can't chase you.
Eric:  (quick pause)  That won't work.  If I stop running, he will grab my shirt. 
Me: .........  (Eric logic!)

Fortunately Matthew had gotten distracted with something else during that conversation, so Eric ended up losing that one despite his quick thinking!