Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boys At Play

Meet Jimmy!

When we were in Gatlinburg for the day, John paid for me to have a "penguin experience"!  I got to go back and touch a penguin!  And anyone who knows me, knows how much I just love to touch wild animals!  I wanted so badly  to pick little Jimmy up and squeeze him, but I followed the rules and let him run around.  I wasn't quite sure what I thought a penguin would feel like, but I was surprised to find how downy soft he was.  I suppose I thought he might feel more "feathery".  I wanted to take him home with me, but at least I got these great pics!

Day In Gatlinburg

John's parents invited us to spend the day with them in Gatlinburg on John's birthday.  They took us all to the Aquarium and then out to dinner.  We had a great time and the boys loved it!

John's 30th

Okay...this is out of chronological order.  Pretend this is a Sept. 22nd post!

The traditional birthday lasagna and cake