Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Eric has learned that there are bad words and there are good words.  To make sure he doesn't get reprimanded for a bad word, I get asked quite often about words that catch his attention, but he doesn't know what they mean.  His current obsession is Horton Hears A Who.  Cute little movie.  With the exception of the word "boob" it's not too bad.  But he picked up a couple of new words from the movie today and wanted to know about them.

Mommy?  What is 'gourd'?
I don't know (I DO know..but didn't know in what context it was being used on the movie)
Is gourd a bad word or a good word?
It's a fine word.

Mommy? What's 'emosheroll'?
Honey, I have no idea what emosheroll is.
Is it a good word or a bad word?
I suppose it's fine.  *pause*  EMOTIONAL?
Yes!  Emosheroll!  Is that a good word or a bad word?

Monday, April 25, 2011


I forgot to post this video with Eric's pictures.  He loves this little caterpillar.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eric - Easter 2011

Matthew was under the weather today, so Eric did his photo shoot alone.  Matthew will get his tomorrow! 

I introduced him to caterpillars this week.  He named this one "Kid".  I'm not sure Kid survived the photo shoot.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Want a Medal Of Bravery

Most wives get to hear, "Good Morning" when they first wake up.  Guess what I got to hear as John was coming through the door?  "What do we have to kill a BLACK WIDOW with?!?!  I was hoping he was seriously mistaken.  He asked if I knew what one looked like.  I told him I did, though I had never seen one before.  He said, "Well come look at this one!"


In the corner of our door outside, sure enough, sat a black widow.  John had on boots but couldn't reach it with his boots.  The last thing we needed was to scare this thing off..or worse..scare it into the house with the boys.  I know how much John hates spiders.  He even convinced his mom  to knock down what was thought to be a spider's nest (turned out to just be a dirt clump).  So I let John go to bed.  I told him I would kill the spider.


John said he had seen it yesterday, presumably on his way to work.  I thought it must already be dead if it was still sitting there.  It kinda LOOKED dead.  I was hoping.  Didn't make the idea of making SURE it was dead any easier.  I finally decided on a stick to poke it with.  That got it shoved up under the door.  I opened the door.  Thankfully it wasn't running anywhere, but it didn't look dead.  It looked more alive.  I finally saw it in all it's glory.  Long legs, great view of that infamous hourglass, and perfectly round belly.  I grabbed one of John's army boots and started beating the thing to death.  I got it quite flat and then watched as a leg moved.  REALLY?!  It's at this point I start crying out to God, "Why, oh WHY did you make black widows?!?!"    I'm sure He was laughing. I pounded the spider a bit more to make sure it was dead.

Knowing a spider's ability to raise from the dead, I went into the kitchen to grab some Basic G to bury it in.  This is my household germicide.  And although not a proven or recommended spider killer, it surely could do more harm than good to this awful creature.

So now it lies outside.  Flat and wet.  I hope it's dead.  Though chances are, I will return to the burial site and try to "kill" it some more. 

But I just wanted you all to rest easy today, knowing there is one less black widow spider roaming the earth. 

And I want my medal.  I'll just give it to myself.  I don't care if it is from Nova Scotia.  It says "bravery" on it.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The House So Far

This isn't going to be as exciting as ya'll think, but here are some photos and video of what we have gotten done already.

Matthew's bedroom.  I actually got him a comforter to match  his rug today and I intend on adding some pop art to the walls to add some color as well.  So there's really not much to see!

The bathroom.  The curtain helps "modernize" it quite a bit.  But it's still super itty bitty!  Bonnie Thomas got it sparkling clean, though!  Thank you!

Eric's Bedroom.  Eventually, I intend to have all the decor run along the green/brown theme.  I think.  I keep changing my mind a bazillion times.

Our room.  It is a fairly big room!  Feels a bit more crowded with the dresser and armoire, and it's definitely missing that romantic feel I'm after...but eventually....

The Boys At The New House

Eric has had a big time helping daddy out with all of our little projects.  He is fascinated by all the tools!!

Here he is helping daddy change an outlet cover

And here he is helping daddy "vacuum the grass"!

Matthew has enjoyed just hanging out.  Literally.  He was walking backwards and fell into the box of toys and couldn't get out.

And here he is just wanting out of his room.  He was finding things to shove under the door to get our attention.

And last but not least, the playfulness of the boys that makes me smile: