Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taking a Poll

My husband is aboard the "Wrong Train" this week (blog to come) and since I have already proven him wrong in one area, I would like to do that once again by posting a poll for your opinions!

I have been searching for a quilt/comforter/ blanket for Eric's bed that could grow with him.  I'm very anti-character sheets and blankets, though if either boy expressed a sincere interest in some, I would cave.  I was wanting something with blues and browns in it, possibly greens.  Stripes was a huge plus.

This would have been ideal:

However...we don't have hundreds of dollars to spend.  So I kept my eye out.  I finally found a reasonably priced quilt at Target that I thought would work perfectly but it was still more than I was willing to pay.  So I waited.  When it went on clearance and I got $10 off, I snagged it up.  I think it's just perfect!

John says it's a GIRL blanket.  So now I'm posting it here.  How girly does this blanket look to you?  I, personally, would not use it in a girl's room.  I think the colors and the stripes are perfect for a little boy and I think it will be great inspiration for the rest of his room when we eventually get a house.  So now you must vote.  Who is right?


  1. I looked at the pictures before seeing the part about John thinking it was for a girl. Seeing the pics, there was nothing 'girly' about it that struck me at all. I was surprised to read that John thought it was girly. I think it's cute and totally appropriate for a boy

  2. Well...regardless of whether it's girly or not, Eric likes it. :) When I woke up the first morning in his room, he came over to my bed and the first thing he said was "Circles!"

    Apparently he was more excited about that then me being there.

  3. I have to say I agree with John. Most of the time I associate polka-dots with girls. I know this is more of circles, but I still think girl. I like the colors and I think you could leave it as a boy if you wanted. I don't think Jeremy would let me though. :)


  4. OK, JOHN is wrong!!! Katrina and I agree that it definitely looks like a boys room. I NEVER would have purchased that for you or Amber, but would have for Josh. Stripes, greens and blues....what is he thinking??????

  5. I would not have thought of the quilt being girly, but if John thinks it is, maybe it could be boyized by using blue and/or accents...pillow cases, and blanket for example.

  6. ya know i love u Charity, buuuttt, i think its girly cuz of the circles and definitely cuz of the polka dots, but that being said, the colors r definitely boy colors and if Eric likes it then i say it dont matter which gender anyone says its for! u should see the shoes Joshua is wearing right now, he loves them, they r black but have a purple leopard print on them, lmao, and he is totally into pink, and daddy Josh hates it of course but i dont care cuz its just him expressing himself and i am all for that:)

  7. For the record, dad says he thinks it looks gender neutral. Just thought you would like another mans perspective.

  8. Well, I know I'm late jumping on board with this, but I think it's adorable, and as a mom of 3 boys, I think it's very boyish and all 3 of my big boys would absolutely flip over it. :) Boys have circles and polka dots on things too! Add striped accents, and love what you chose. Give John a :P for me. ;) If Eric loves it, it's a keeper!