Sunday, September 5, 2010


John and Eric have little word games that they like to play with each other.  One of the games was for John to ask Eric if he was cute or the question "Who's the cutest boy in the whole world?"  Eric liked this game and enjoyed hearing how cute he was.  After spending the weekend with Nana and Papa, Eric suddenly had a different answer to the question "Are you cute?"  He responded with "No.  I'm special."  This amused us greatly though to this day we have no idea where he got that from.  It amused JOHN enough to start a new word game.  Every time Eric would say, "I'm special."  John would say "Yes you are.  You are window-licking special."  I, like a good mother, fussed at John, insisting that Eric would start to pick that up.

Mom was right.

But it didn't matter to John, because he found it hilarious to hear Eric say he was window-licking special.  I tried to fight back by telling Eric he was special because God made him and hoping it would take root.

So this game was going on this morning.  Yay.  Here was the conversation out the door on the way to church:

J:  Are you cute?
E:  No.  I'm window-licking special!
C:  Baby, you're NOT window-licking special.  You are special because God made you special.
E:  Yes!  God made me window-licking special!

I have to admit that it's funny.  But  poor little Eric just doesn't know what he's talking about and my biggest fear was that he would pop out with that in Bible class if the word "special" was said.  Like a nightmarish version of Pee-Wee Herman's "Word Of The Day".  I picked him up from Bible class and asked the teacher if he has said anything "crazy".  She smiled and said no, though she had a look that seemed to add "not TODAY".  Relief.  We made it through with no problems.  Or so I thought.

Waiting for Children's church to begin, Eric found himself in a conversation with an older girl.  And we listened as Eric defended himself against her verbal attacks.

Girl:  You're weird!
Eric:  (spoken in the proudest voice he could muster)  No!  I NOT weird!  I'm window-licking special!  You're weird!  I'm licking-special!
Girl:  ..... 

Because really...what are you gonna say to that?  I guess he won that one.  John and I were laughing so hard we cried.

So I give up.  Somebody else's turn to fuss at John.  All I know is Eric comes by his window-licking specialness honestly!


  1. lol that is hilarious and John ur just mean, that poor boy knows not of what he says, but its still funny!!!