Friday, September 30, 2011

Wait For It.....

John happened to catch Eric calling Matthew stupid, so he was sent to his room.  After he had served time out, he was brought out to explain what the bad behavior was and to apologize.  Every time we try to get Eric to apologize to Matthew, Matthew apologizes too.  He just doesn't get it.  So here was the conversation:

John:  You don't say that word.
Eric:  What word?
John:  Stupid.  We don't say that word.  It's not nice.  You need to apologize to Matthew.
Both Children:  Sorry, (Eric, Matthew)
John:  Not you Matthew.  Eric you need to say "Sorry for calling you stupid, Matthew"
Eric:  (unsure of whether he REALLY should say the word  or not, went to apologize again)  Sorry, Matthew...

Matthew:  Sorry, Stupid!

I laughed so hard I had tears streaming and my belly ached and poor Matthew was still trying to apologize:
Sorry, Stupid!  Sorry, Stupid!

Oh, John!  You gotta think these things out!

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