Thursday, December 18, 2008


2 years ago today, at this time, I was holding my baby who was an hour and 15 minutes old!  I can't believe the toddler I see running around my house full of energy and life!!  The days have been long, but the past 2 years have gone quickly.  Funny how time works like that.  I never imagined I would be celebrating a pregnancy by his 2nd birthday!!  So many changes!
As for Eric, the baby who took so long to hit every milestone, has absolutely taken off educationally speaking.  I only write this as  a reminder to myself, because I know I will look back and wonder when he learned all this stuff!  But as of December 18, 2008, Eric can:
Count to 10 and recognize the numbers 1-9
Recognize all the letters of the alphabet and tell you what sound they make.
He is working on knowing his shapes, but as of today he can tell you what a star is  (A "sto-wah"  :) ), a circle and a square.  I think he knows the other shapes, but they are too difficult to say.
He knows a multitude of animals, among his favorites: "pup" (puppy), "kitty-kitty" (cat), "duh" (duck), and "fih" (fish)
He knows more words than I have room to record, and he adds to his vocabulary daily.  The word he learned today is "horseshoe".  It amazes me that as many times as we have been over the animal itself, he could (or would) not tell you what it was.  But now he can say "horseshoe".
I'm sure there's tons more I am forgetting, but he's learned so much in the past 2 months, I can't keep up!
We celebrated his birthday a month ago where i was able to thrw him a party, so we didn't do much today.  I spoiled him a bit with pizza rolls and chesse balls for lunch and tacos for dinner with ice cream for dessert.  No presents today, though I did put his life size picture of John up in his room while he was preoccupied.  He was very excited to see "dada" when he walked in.  The best part of the day was telling him "happy birthday" and that he was 2 years old.  Not long into the day, whenever i would say "happy birthday!"  he would say "two-ah!"   
Yes you are, baby!  Mommy loves you!

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