Thursday, February 24, 2011


Is it just me, or does anybody else see a miniature version of "my 16 year old" here?  I honestly feel like I'm looking at a picture of Matthew in the future.

Little man has always been too big for his britches, but he has been showing me some serious attitude lately!  He has learned when it is I want him in the bed and he fights me on it.  Tonight, he was particularly mad at me because I lotioned him from head to toe and he HATES that.  I let him wander out into the living room all teary-eyed where John was, but I followed behind him.  He stopped in his tracks, turned around and pushed me!  Whooooaaa little buddy!  I could hardly believe what I just experienced!  He's not even 2 yet!!  I told him that was a no-no and that just broke his little heart.  This child!

On the cute side of "attitude", I was walking with him through the grocery store today.  He was hollering and screaming for the fun of it.  I tried desperately to keep him quiet, to no avail.  I finally hugged him close to me and had this conversation:

 Matthew!  I love you......
I yah you.
Thank you.
Ah well-co (You're welcome).

Well then.  I suppose it WAS rather generous of him to love me today!

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