Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Eric has learned that there are bad words and there are good words.  To make sure he doesn't get reprimanded for a bad word, I get asked quite often about words that catch his attention, but he doesn't know what they mean.  His current obsession is Horton Hears A Who.  Cute little movie.  With the exception of the word "boob" it's not too bad.  But he picked up a couple of new words from the movie today and wanted to know about them.

Mommy?  What is 'gourd'?
I don't know (I DO know..but didn't know in what context it was being used on the movie)
Is gourd a bad word or a good word?
It's a fine word.

Mommy? What's 'emosheroll'?
Honey, I have no idea what emosheroll is.
Is it a good word or a bad word?
I suppose it's fine.  *pause*  EMOTIONAL?
Yes!  Emosheroll!  Is that a good word or a bad word?

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