Friday, April 1, 2011

The House So Far

This isn't going to be as exciting as ya'll think, but here are some photos and video of what we have gotten done already.

Matthew's bedroom.  I actually got him a comforter to match  his rug today and I intend on adding some pop art to the walls to add some color as well.  So there's really not much to see!

The bathroom.  The curtain helps "modernize" it quite a bit.  But it's still super itty bitty!  Bonnie Thomas got it sparkling clean, though!  Thank you!

Eric's Bedroom.  Eventually, I intend to have all the decor run along the green/brown theme.  I think.  I keep changing my mind a bazillion times.

Our room.  It is a fairly big room!  Feels a bit more crowded with the dresser and armoire, and it's definitely missing that romantic feel I'm after...but eventually....


  1. Nice! You've been very busy! I love hearing the laundry going and that the family room is 'a complete disaster.' :) I think the boys rooms are cute and lovin the kitchen progress!

  2. Wow! You have really been busy since I left! I love the rugs on those hard wood floors and the art work on the walls. As for the playroom...If it were neat and orderly condition, I would say it was a disaster;but having the books on the floor, etc, I know it is being used for it's designed purpose. Way to make a home ya'll.

  3. Looks have been really busy! I guess I'll let you off the hook from avoiding posting any updates since you have proved you have been working! Good job!