Monday, May 9, 2011


So, I got to choose a color for a room in a house for the first time ever!  For me, with great commitment comes great anxiety, but it's always seems to work out and it was no different this time *sigh of relief*  I LOVE the color! 

I wanted a soft, romantic color for the bedroom that would work well with an Asian inspired themed room.  I chose Shadow Dapple Gray.  Or as John likes to call it "Habble Dabble Gray".  I still need to slowly get my Asian accents and contemporary furniture, but the walls are looking just fabulous.  Here are some pictures, though it doesn't really do it justice.

I tried to take pictures where you could see the difference in color by contrasting it against both the black and white.  I can't wait to complete the room and take finished pics!

It's subtle and dramatic at the same time.  I think the bedroom is going to look fabulous.  It's very exciting.

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  1. I like the art piece in that 3rd pic!