Saturday, May 28, 2011


Eric has been learning about some of our planets.  He was super excited and drew some!  Can you guess which planets are which?  :)  It should be noted that I did not tell him what colors to use.

Ok.  Stop guessing.  This one is a moon rock.  I was being tricky.

These 2 are of Mars.  He loves Mars.  He's going to go there someday.  Maybe tomorrow.  :)

It's earth!  So cute listening to him draw this one.  "Green for the grass and the trees.  White for the clouds and blue for the oceans!"

Hint:  The lines are rings.  :)

                                This planet has storms.  Take special note of the lightning!  Oh, Venus!

                   Mommy helped.  Apparently there has to be a sun to go with the planets.  Go figure.

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