Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eric -3, Daddy -0

Conversations with daddy this week:

*Seeing the state of Florida on TV*

Eric:  Hey!  That's Florida!
Me:  Yes.  That's right!
Eric:  Oranges are in Florida.
Me:  Yes.  That's right.
Daddy:  Do you know what else is in Florida?!?
Eric:  What?
Daddy:  Mickey Mouse!!!

*slight pause*

Eric:  Nevermind.
Daddy:  ...............


Daddy:  If you don't sit down, I'm going to beat you!
Eric:  Well, DO it!
Daddy: ..............


*after an obnoxiously long period of noise*

Daddy:  You need to hush up now or you're going to find yourself talking to your walls!
Eric:  Walls don't talk.
Daddy: ..........

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers who have consistently been outwitted by your own children!


  1. This is a Mommy moment, not a Daddy moment, but the idea is the same...

    Mommy: If I ever catch you doing that again.....
    Carson (6): But Mommy, you didn't catch me, Pappaw did.

    There are times when there really is nothing left to say. Thanks for posting, I always enjoy reading!