Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yes..It's Another Blog About Planets

Welcome to my life.

I can not guarantee that all the information in the video is accurate.  Did you know Neptune has a last name?  Neither did I.


  1. I am convinced Neptune has something to do with "bonarn"....so I went googling!

    And this is what I found! "Triumph of Neptune Bon Boullogne"

    He wins.

    I love when he crosses his eyes and rolls them upward. I had to play that part twice. :)

  2. Thanks for explaining that. He must have seen that somewhere and tried to read it. I'm just done with planets. But I'm going to keep posting blogs so everybody else has to listen about it too.

  3. "Mercury is hot and it's a planet. There's nothing in Saturn." I feel completely educated and I'm so glad that Eric was able to teach me!