Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's Featured Artist - God!

I found this today and think it's simply amazing.  I can't wrap my head around a God who is so creative that he makes each grain of sand beautiful, especially knowing that billions of people will never be able to truly appreciate it.  Much like I've been feeling about the universe lately!  Why make so many galaxies and stars and planets that a large portion of the population since the beginning of time can't appreciate?  If I had those mad skills, I would DEFINITELY want people to notice!  :)  So I'll pass the word along for Him - God made sand beautiful!  Take a look!

Viewed at a magnification of over 250 times real life

I'm just in awe.  Pretty amazing stuff!  I just can't get over how different every grain is and yet this is all we see when we look at sand:

This will make me want to magnify every piece of "dirt" I come across to see it's true form!  How many other things are we missing out on seeing?!  Mind.  Blown.

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  1. omg Charity that is awesome!! way cool find, you go girl!