Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, TONIGHT!

So...I managed to throw myself, along with my father, in to a complete tailspin this past week.  I got the brilliant idea to to update my FB profile, so I added some of my favorite singers/bands.  What I didn't know, was that by doing that, it automatically made me a fan of their page.  So suddenly I had newsfeed full of Sugarland statuses.  I almost blocked them, but decided to read through a few first.  Mistake.  They were running a contest to win tickets to their show in Atlanta.  I just HAD to do it.  I am totally in concert withdrawal right now like ya'll don't even know, and Sugarland would definitely be great to see live.  So the contest was to make a video using their song "Tonight".  (you can go to their webpage to read all the details if you like).  Had not heard the song before, but I definitely fell in love with it.

I dragged my father into helping me make the video.  Ok, ok.  He'd COMPLETELY be doing the video!  I have no tech skills.  But I supplied the pictures and storyline.  I have slept, ate, and breathed the song "Tonight" for nights on end now.  Good thing it's an awesome song!

 I have a new appreciation for music videos.  This is a 2 minute clip and I've lost count of how many hours have already gone into it.  I've also learned that flour is much harder to clean up than one would think.  It's hard to look sexy when you're cleaning.  It's hard to take sentimental romantic pictures of yourselves as a couple, by yourself.  A 4 year old has the potential to serve as a photographer in a pinch when you don't have anyone else around.  A 4 year old will accept roasted marshmallows as payment for his services. 

All this to say - be prepared.  If I make it to the top ten, I want all of you out there VOTING to send me to this concert!!!   I hope to be sharing my version soon.  Meanwhile, enjoy Sugarland's "raw material" video that I had to work from!

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  1. You don't deserve to go to a Sugarland concert - that song has been out a while already!! :)

    That being said - I'm excited to see the video. And I asked dad what he got out of it if you guy's win. He said he gets to watch the boys while you attend the concert. I bet he's as excited as you are!!! :p