Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Parade

Yay!  After a full night's sleep, the 3 of us were feeling much better.  The day went well, and I kept reminding Eric that would be going to the library to get candy.  Once I cut down the feathers on Matthew's hat/wig, he let me put it on and get pictures!  Yay!  By the time we were ready to go to the library, Eric was refusing to wear the costume.  I told him that that was fine, but he would not get any candy.  I was frustrated, but tried not to show it.  I packed the costume just in case he changed his mind.  In the car, he told me he would wear the hat, so I let him hold it.  I had brought my camera, but had forgotten the camera card, so I had to turn around to grab it.  When I came out to the car, Eric was proudly wearing his hat.  Wow!  Ok.  Mommy was feeling a little better.  He wore it all the way to the library, and when we got there, I said, "You have to put the costume on if you want to get candy."  He gladly put the costume on - practically by himself.  Seriously??  All this grief and you are GLADLY putting it on now??  It was like he just knew that there was no reason to wear it until this very moment.  This child never wears a hat, and he left that tall hat on the ENTIRE time.  I was super proud of him.  Matthew left his on as well.  At the very end of story time, they were both done with the hats.  Matthew was burning up.  I felt so bad that he had gotten quite as hot as he had, but so proud that he left it on and let me "parade" him around!  Eric had a blast and listened SO well as we stood in line and made our way around the library to gather the treats.  He was so polite and said "thank you", but he cracked me up every time we came to a station where they were handing out stickers/toys/paper cut outs instead of candy.(every other station!!)  He refused to accept them!  LOL!  He was so excited at the last one where he got some "S's" (skittles - his favorite!)  I was also super impressed that when they said to take only one, he did EXACTLY that.  No trouble with him wanting to grab more.  Both boys seemed to enjoy parts of story time, but I was glad when it was over and we could head home.  I offered to let Eric take his costume off before we headed back, but he wanted to leave it on!  So I got my special event after all.  I will never get tired of watching their little eyes light up!


  1. yay!!! im sooo happy and excied for you!!! the boys r just adorable and handsome as ever!!!

  2. All that worry for nothing? Remember this next year!!!!

    What did you use as the shape of matthmoo's crazy feather wig?

  3. Really cute pictures...cute little boys!