Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Date Day

After having spent the past few weeks doing errand upon errand upon errand, I decided I was in desperate need of a date day.  I was missing John, feeling lonely, and just wanted a change of pace, if only for an hour.  So I asked the cutest guy I knew - my son!  :)
Now I knew I was going to have to be training him, as this was his first date - but that was okay.  I strongly believe in mother-son dates and father-daughter dates, and it's never too early to start!
So I asked Eric if wanted to go on a date.  He got all excited and said "Yea-yeah!" and ran to the sofa an started banging his little hand on it.  Oh no no no.  Is this stuff REALLY ingrained in the male DNA?!  Rule 1..Never ever ever go to the sofa first!  This is a date!  You need to feed your woman!!  And no matter what she tells you, son, a girl likes to eat.  Feed her!
So I got him bundled up to go outside and no sooner do we leave the house than he's chasing after "someone" else.  "Pup!  pup!  pup!"  *sigh*  Yes it's a puppy.  Rule 2 - Never ever chase after another woman - in fact - don't look at her at all.  You're on a date!  I don't care how good she can "shake it".  He looked longingly after the dog as we climbed into the car.  First date.  We'll teach him yet!
On the way over, I double checked to make sure he was paying.  I looked in my rear view mirror - "You're paying, right?"  Silence and the shifting of the eyes.  Don't make me go over Rule 3.  "You ARE paying, Right?!"  Big grin followed by a "Yea-yeah!"  Good boy!  One less lesson that needs to be taught.
So we get to Taco Bell.  I'd been craving it.  Good choice Eric!  hehehe!  His excitement was building as I ordered the food.  I got him a sugary HI-C in a big cup which pleased him to no end.  I got us seats in front of the plasma screen television and gave him his supreme nachos.  He ate contentedly as he cheered for Da Bears ( was a documentary about bears - but he was VERY excited about it).  I watched him and thought about how much I loved him and he would look over with his eyes beaming and give me that great big appreciative smile.  He sat still the entire time we were there, getting excited over the bears and happily eating nachos.  When he was thoroughly covered in nacho cheese and red Hi-C all down his white shirt, he handed me his hand and said , "all Done!" 
After a quick and useless clean up I bundled him up again and we headed for the car.  It was a nice date.  Can't wait for the next one! 

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