Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sundays with the Thomas family

I believe my favorite part of the week is talking to Eric on a Sunday afternoon. He has just finished a Sunday morning Bible class and Children's Own Worship. He expects that we will ask him what he learned about and he is quick to answer "Jesus". The safe answer. :) Typically we'll look over the paperwork and ask more specific questions. "Did you talk about fish today?" That will get him talking a little bit more about the bible story covered that morning.

Today we were discussing our own bible class and did not think to ask Eric about his on the way to lunch. When we sat down with our food and began eating, Eric started in on his day. Since we had not bothered to ask him questions, he took it upon himself to carry the conversation. His monologue went just like this:

"What did you sing about today?"
"We sing 'Jesus Loves Me'"
"I like-a sing Jesus Loves Me"
"Good singing, buddy!"

John and I cracked up. I suppose it's fairly important that we maintain our routine of asking about class. He likes answering the questions! Meanwhile Matthew is in his chair talking, gurgling and growling. Eric was fairly full of himself this particular day and responded to Matthew's growling with, "Why you growling at me son?" We never know what to do but laugh!

An older couple in the restaurant approached our table and told us that they enjoyed listening to our boys (as if they had a choice - we were by far the loudest table there) and told us that they had raised two boys of their own. I never know whether to be proud that people are charmed by my children or embarrassed that we make enough ruckus that it would draw enough attention that someone would want to approach us! But it is fun meeting new people that way! Eric went on to ask them how they liked bible class. They chuckled as they wished us a good day and headed off. Poor boy can't get ANYONE to talk about bible class! Moral of the story: If you want to get Eric talking, ask about bible class!!


  1. ROFL!!!! That's my boy!! Can't wait for dad to see this post and CAN"T wait to see my babies!!! Love you.

  2. Eric is such a character!!! i miss him soo much and mattmoo too!! i totally get what u r saying tho about how ur not sure whether or not to be charmed or embarrassed by ppl approaching u about ur kids, i used to get that when the kids were little and i get it now except its their friends parents saying how well behaved they r and im like ok if u say so lol im like ya they just know how to behave at others houses hehe