Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To My Father's TFTD Readers...

When I wrote the blog my father published, I jokingly said he could use it.  I never expected he actually would!  And I assumed even if he did he would clean it up and make it sound so much better than I did!  The day I found out that he sent 'Undercover Boss' to over 6,000 people was the day after I ranted about people calling our phone number looking for people who don't live here.  I didn't know dad directed you to my blog!  Oops.  :)

But if you still visit here, this is what you can expect (so you're not shocked by very un-thought-for-the-day-like material!) The blog is entitled Melancholy Corner because I (according to the 4 basic personality types) am a melancholy.  I'm very emotional and I'm a deep thinker.  My thoughts generally revolve around my emotions and the two can be quite inseparable.  Some days you will find me writing about spiritual matters, my walk with God, my view on God, and the way I experience God.  Some days I just want to rant and try to find the humor in a frustrating situation.  Most days I want to brag on my boys!  I write on what I am feeling at the moment as that is typically where my thoughts are. 

You may find me to be funny, melodramatic, touching, irritating, or obnoxious on any given day.  You are probably right.  :)  If you enjoy my blog, feel free to become a follower.  I won't have golden spiritual nuggets everyday, but I hope that when I do they are both worth the wait and the read!

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