Monday, March 29, 2010

Undercover Boss

I don't know how many of you have watched this show, but it is one that intrigues me.  The show features a CEO of any given company who decides to go undercover and work as one of his men on the front lines.  The purpose is to find out what problems there are and what the CEO can do to make it better.  Now to some extent, this show seems a bit staged to me as the workers are almost always more than thrilled to be working for the company and they have unique, difficult situations that they open up about to this "stranger" filming a documentary, whether it be about dialysis or losing their home to a flood. But that aside, it is interesting to watch the reactions of people at the end of the show when they learn that the man that they serve, that they've never met, has spent the day working beside them.  And everything they did and said was being observed by the man who pays their salary. 

More often than not, the CEO is touched by how hard his employees work and they are rewarded.  Some are rewarded with bigger job opportunities within the company.  Some are given raises, some sent to school, some have foundations set up in their name.  It reminds me so much of the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25.  The show for me, makes that passage come alive.  I think a lot about God revealing himself to us at the end of our time and saying, "I was with you.  I was watching you work and heard what you said.  I was impressed with your work ethic.  You work very hard.  I know it hasn't been easy, but I'm going to make things better for you now.  You do an excellent job where you are at, but I would like you to take on more responsibility."

This show is helpful in getting me to understand that passage.  I'm afraid too often that I relate far too easily with the steward with one talent.  I hope that God finds me neither afraid or lazy, but can warmly greet me in his "office" and say "Well done good and faithful servant!"


  1. I have not seen the show but we have heard of it. I can see that passage clearly in the show in the light that you present it. How amazing of you to see that!! I love that about you! I would not have even thought about it that way. I too wish to be greeted by God as you do, but I too fail all too often (maybe it has something to do with being human, I don't know??!!). I am thankful for God's grace upon us all. Some days it is not the talent that I want to bury it is just myself. But God gently reminds me (through thoughtful friends like you) that everything I have is a gift from Him. Thank you!! Miss you tons!
    Jenn Price

  2. Are you our next TFTD writer?? ;-) Great job and I have thought that about this show too. Well put.

  3. Thank you Jenn!! We miss you guys so much too!! And yes mom...when I wrote it, I knew it totally sounded TFTD! Ah! Dad can steal it! lol!

  4. Charity, excellent article. Very thought provoking. I'd like to use this in a class or sermon sometime. Your dad is also an excellent writer. We really appreciate your in-laws at White Bluff.

    Doug Couch, White Bluff, TN