Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year To ME!

With my upcoming reunion, I decided it was time to kick my weight loss into high gear.  I started working out today.  I use the Wii for my work outs and it keeps track of my weight for me which I find very helpful.  I was terrified to learn what my weight was after the holidays.  It had been 162 days since I had last worked out (check the dates on my it's been 162 days since I first wrote about Jillian!)  To my surprise, I had lost


I weighed myself twice to make extra sure that was right.Woo hoo!  Now I know that is not much over 162 days, but what excited me the most, was that all that advice I wrote about was right on!  How do I know?  Because the only change I have made has been to consciously cut out as much HFCS and artificial ingredients as possible.  No exercise.  No change in the amount I ate.  That's pretty sweet.  Imagine how much I could have lost if I had been even more strict on restricting myself to organic fruits and vegetables!  It was just what I needed to see to help motivate me this month.  If just making that itty bitty change produced results, maybe the extra effort I am putting in this month will bring me down to my desired weight after all!

I am trying to work out every day and I have cut down on my calorie intake quite a bit.  I'm also using my new FABULOUS juicer to help me out as well.

 I love it.  It's so much fun to use.  

I hope I will have some dramatic before and after pictures for you in 30 days! 


  1. BTW, you didn't really lose those 7 pounds. I found them here at our house! (you can have them back next time you come for a visit)

  2. awesome!! u go girl!!! i want a juicer!