Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Naked Man With A Green Coat

We got to start a new semester at church tonight.  Our class was a blessing as always and we look forward to studying the Bible with this group over the next few weeks. After class we hung around and talked with a few people and then went down to get our boys.  Apparently things went just as well with them.

Everybody got a big chuckle out of our little Mattmoo who is entirely too big for his britches.  John went to pick him up and he was the last one remaining.  The attendants told John that he did fine all through class, but once other children started getting picked up, he went over and grabbed his diaper bag and headed to the door saying, "Go!  Go!  Go!" Oh my little man!

But the best part of the night, was hearing about Eric's time in class.  Before I left him I reminded him that he needed to be a good listener and pay attention in class (he apparently didn't do so well with that on Sunday).  When I picked him up, I asked how he did and got a raving review.  Yay!  He listened well and even answered when he was called on!

So when we got in the car, we had the same discussion we always have:  What did you learn about tonight?  And it went something like this....

What did you learn about tonight?

I don't know.  We had SNACKS!

(oh no.  maybe they didn't really teach tonight)

What did you learn about?

Ummm..I don't know.

Did you learn aout Moses?


Did you learn about Adam?


Did you learn about Peter?  Jesus?  Abraham?

No.  About a man who took his clothes off.

(Stunned silence.  What are they teaching them?)

A man who took his clothes off?

A man took off his green coat.

(Desperately mentally flipping through the Bible trying to recall a naked man with a green coat)

Why was he naked?

No hiting!  No biting!  No fighting!  No kicking!  He hit his head on the road!

The Good Samaritan?!?!


Oh!!  The naked man who hit his head on the road.....

The artist forgot to add the green coat....

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