Monday, January 3, 2011

Latest Adventures

*Eric in the back seat listening to John and I talk*
"Mommy?  Steaks?  Stinks?  What is that?"
"States, baby."
"StaTes.  As in, the United States of America"
"States!  S-t-a-t-e-s.  States."
"STINKS.  S-r.....a....g.  Stinks."

Ok.  You win.

Matthew playing with his Tickle Me Elmo.  He likes to feel it vibrate.  :)

I caught him in a REALLY good mood while he was in the tub.  He sang really well for me BEFORE I got the camera.  But I get him to sing a little bit more for me here.

And "You Are My Sunshine".  He can actually sing more words than this, but he didn't like being videotaped!

AND Eric "video-bombing" Matthew.


  1. That's cute. Give them squeezes from us.

  2. I LOVE that last video - so funny!

  3. I love these videos...such cuties!!!