Sunday, March 6, 2011

Best and Worst Commercials Ever

A random blog for you today.  These 2 commercials cause such a fierce reaction in me, I feel like blogging about them every time I see them.

Best commercial goes to Disney Theme Parks.  Kudos to you commercial-maker man.  You must be a parent.  If the purpose of commericals is to get you to buy a product, I imagine you have sold to quite a few people.  There is no commercial I have ever seen that makes me want to get up and go spend some money like this one.

Worst Commercial goes to Toyota Highlander.  I *hate* this commerical with a passion.  Really, Toyota-commercial-man?  You're going to try to get me to buy your car by getting an 8 year old to make me feel lame about the car I am driving?  The kid is a total brat, unfortunately an accurate picture of today's youth who have been given every luxury.    Shame on you.    Your commercial disgusts me and I will never buy a Toyota.

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