Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mommy's Heart

I just got back from a trip visiting my parents for a week and a half, while John adjusted to his new work schedule.  Since I was going back just in time to move into our new house, mom and dad offered to keep Eric for a couple of weeks to help ease the stress of the move.  This seemed like a good idea to me and to Eric.  Until I came home, of course.  2 and a half weeks was a LONG time to be without my baby!  Icalled to talk to him the next day.  I found out that whenever he wasn't happy about something he would tell mom and dad that he needed to go home.  :(  *pull my heartstrings!*  But overall, he was doing well and not really upset about being away  from me.  He understood that he would be there for a couple of weeks (even if he doesn't understand how long that is) and that he would be riding back home with Amber and Chris.

But the most heart warming/wrenching thing was when he got on the phone with me and asked his first question.  You see, Eric is JUST now getting to the point where he can hold a conversation and express how he feels, so I felt a flood of emotion when the conversation went like this:

Eric:  Hello?
Me:  Hi, baby!
Eric.  Hi!  How's Matthew?

*tears*  *smiles* I don't know!  He wanted to know how his brother was!  He was missing Matthew!  That was the single sweetest thing I have seen/heard in a long time.  It just blows my mind that he was thinking about Matthew and thought to ask about him.  The only thing that kept me from completely bawling at this precious moment, was laughing at the fact that Matthew is THRILLED to be an "only child" for a while.  He's not missing Eric AT ALL!  Beyond not missing Eric, Matthew has used all his tiny might to push John away when John has hugged me or held me.  The boy is slightly possessive of his mommy.  It's highly amusing to watch.  :) 

I sure am missing my baby boy already!  I'll be so glad to see him again soon.  But for now, I'm enjoying letting Matthew have a chance to get the one on one time that he desires so much too.  That little pistol!


  1. Weirdest thing about motherhood; we are around our children so much, and love it, but inevitably need a break. We look forward to that break but then miss them to an insane degree! Of course when we're reunited with them it takes less than 5 minutes to want that break again...

  2. awww...that is sooo sweet, ya know as a mom that was my favorite thing when my kids were that age and younger even, that they were smart enuf to think hey i love this person so i am going to ask about them or give them a hug or kiss or say i love u all on their own, w/o u saying it first, that is by far thee coolest thing in the world, nothing else, not even all the cool gadgets i have come close to how freaking awesome that is and we know how much i love my gadgets hehe

    side note hehe, so i had originally read this using internet explorer and its been weird lately in that every time i try to post a comment on your blog it will not let me click on the post comment button, or it will it just dont work anyways so i went to use firefox, now in internet explorer i have ur page on my favorites bar so i just click it and in firefox i dont so i just searched in firefoxes address bar for melancholy corner and guess who popped up first on the list, YOU! it was a google search and i hear its hard to get ur site to the top of their lists so go u!