Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Conversations With Eric

(while trying to learn "he" from "she")

Eric:  (regarding Matthew) She's over there!
Papa:  Matthew is a he.
Eric:  She's a boy!
Papa:  HE'S a boy
Eric:  I'm a he! And you're a he!
Papa:  That's right!  And what is Mommy?
Eric:  A she!
Papa: Right!  And Nana is...?
Eric:  A she!
Papa:  Good.  So what is Matthew?
Eric:  She's a he!

Eric:  (distraught)  I can't find my brown numbers.  They're black.
Mom:  I can see why you're having difficulty locating them.

Eric:  Where did Papa go?
Nana:  I don't know
*Eric runs to the back of the house and comes back*
Eric:  I can't find Papa.
*toilet flushes*
Nana:  I think he went to the bathroom
Eric:  OH!  I can go watch that I think!


  1. ROFL you need to hang in NC more...you guys have the best conversations!