Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 7

 A picture of (one of) your most treasured item(s)
('s my blog..I can do what I want)

This was particularly hard for me.  I interpret "most treasured" as something that I would be devastated if I lost in some form or fashion, and I don't have that attachment to things.  My "most treasured items" are my box of handwritten letters (which I have collected since middle school - and no, I don't have a picture) and my pictures (but who wants to see a picture of a picture?)  And of course, I treasure my wedding ring set.  Those 3 things are irreplaceable.  But they seem a little obvious for this post.  I mean, everybody cherishes those things.  There was only ONE other thing that I could think of to post a picture of.  It doesn't top the first 3 as most treasured, but it comes in at a strong 4.  It makes me smile every time I see it and touch it.

This was Eric's FAVORITE book when he was a baby.  Once again, I'm cheating..this is not HIS book.  HIS book completely fell apart years ago from being read over and over again.  I had to get another one to replace it, but I saved the first one.  One day I will give it to him when he has his own baby.  This little treasured item keeps me connected to Eric's baby days.  Seeing it brings back those memories of his little eyes lighting up and touching the worn pages where his chubby little fingers were makes me smile. 


  1. I remember the near meltdown at my house when we couldn't locate that book for a while...