Saturday, August 13, 2011

Follow-Up Potty Training Day 1

Matthew proudly wore his underwear all morning and stayed dry!  Yay!  I encouraged him to go potty a couple of times, which he gladly did.  However, he would not stay seated long enough to do anything.  He really just wants to flush the toilet.  At naptime, I fought him to take off his underwear.  He did NOT want a diaper back on.  That's a good sign....but I insisted.  To our amazement, he stayed dry through his nap.  Don't know how he stayed dry for so long.  He didn't end back up in underwear because we went swimming immediately after his nap.  When we got home, I bathed him, and went to put another diaper on.  He fussed and said he didn't want it, but that's just too bad right now.

Eric and Matthew were playing back in Eric's room.  They were laughing and giggling and carrying on.  John and I were too exhausted to care too much what was going on.  I heard Eric start flipping out, saying "That's gross!  Eww Matthew!  Go Away!  I don't want you!!!!"  I figured Matthew was stinky.  He hadn't pooped all day.  Soon Matthew comes running in.  Diaper in one hand and a handful of poop in the other.  He tried handing it to me and John's flipping out screaming (he does not do well with poop) Matthew breaks into tears, I'm was quite a chaotic moment.  So I had Matthew carry his present to the bathroom.  He leaned over the tub and looked up at me...noooooooo.  I managed to get him to dump it in the toilet and told him to flush it before I realized how STUPID that was, but it was too late to stop him.  So I got to clean off the handle as well.  Before I made it to the sink he rubbed his face.  *AGH*  All while John still has his face buried in the sofa screaming "ahhhhhhh!  ewwwwwww!"

I *think* potty training is going to go quickly.  He is very OBVIOUSLY done with the diapers.  Now just  to control the mess in the meantime.....

And why we end up picking SATURDAYS to begin potty training is beyond me.  We obviously won't be getting around to potty training tomorrow.....


  1. lol Charity u poor girl! hopefully it will go quick! when my mom was a cna before she had me she had a lady whose mind was not all there anyways she used to throw her poop at my mom and make it into balls and stack it! i cannot imagine being my mom when all that happened, i used to be a cna before i had chelsea so i have to clean adults up and it was gross for real!

  2. I'm just now reading this blog entry. I'm still wiping tears of laughter from my eyes!! I know, I know...Poop all over the place is NOT funny, but any mother who has gone through potty training EVER, still remembers the type of scene you just described!! You really have a way with words!