Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a Gorgeous Day!

It is so beautiful out and I'm sad.  We live in an apartment which means no yard.  I want my children to be able to run around and play in a big yard when it's sunny out.  The simple solution would be to take them to a park, but nap schedules make that nearly impossible.  After breakfast, Matthew is down for a 2 hour nap (at which point Eric would love to be playing outside).  When Matthew wakes up, it is time for Eric's nap (at which point Matthew would like to be outside).  When Eric wakes up, Matthew is ready to eat, take a bath, wind down and settle in for the night at 6pm.  Not to mention, once Eric wakes up, it's time to start fixing dinner and getting the house ready for John's arrival home after a long day at work.  So..I sit and watch my poor 3 year old play with his bike and chalk out on our closet-sized patio and dream of one day providing him a little something something that looks like this:

It's crazy how happy that thought makes me.  Yes, it's an entire PLAYGROUND, but I get giddy thinking about how much fun my boys and their friends would have.  That really is a system you can purchase for your backyard.  I'll go ahead and plug this company because I think they are amazing.  You can them out at

I am amazed at the joy I get from seeing my children happy.  Kids really don't understand how much  parents enjoy giving them what they want (especially when you have to say no so much!) It does make me stop and think on God and his relationship with His children.  It's hard for me to comprehend that he wants to give me amazing things too.  My children could not dream this playground up, but I can just imagine the look on their eyes if it were to "magically" appear in our backyard (which we will have one day!  :] ).  Does God feel this giddy when giving us gifts too?  Things that we really want?  I guess I find that hard to believe because our focus should be on the spiritual and it almost seems materialistic in a way if we receive something we want from God, so why would it make Him giddy with joy?  But, I would not find my children to be materialistic if they asked for a swing set and I was able to provide an entire playground.  I would do it just because it would make me happy seeing them happy.  Would they be happy with a swing-set?  Sure.  But there's just something about exceeding the expectations and visions of a child.  God blessed me and exceeded my request by giving me two little boys who I adore with everything I am.  Has He made you wide-eyed with wonder?


  1. Don't you wish you could take a picture like that with you camera?? Ha!!

    Did you write this blog out of guilt for your Blockbuster blog and 6,000 new readers? :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I know what you mean about seeing your kids happy. You will have your beautiful yard for your lovely family ;-)