Friday, June 4, 2010


I told him to smile and this is what I got..........

:)  My little boy is so silly. 

He's been saying the craziest things lately and since I know I should be recording them, I'm writing them down here!

Today's new "thing" has been, "Mommy!  Who-who! (you-hoo)  I know I must say that to him when I can't get his attention, but I can't say it THAT often!

He has also learned my name.  Many a day I hear a little voice running around calling, "CHAIR-DEE!"  "CHAIR-A-DEE!"  I must say, "my name is mommy" a hundred times a day.

Because I have been working on transcription a lot lately, the TV has ad to babysit for me more than I would like.  However, apparently Blue's Clues taught Eric his opposites.  He mentioned opposites one night over dinner and it took me by surprise, so I tested him.

What's the opposite of in?


Good!  The opposite of in is out!  What's the opposite of up?


Wow!  That's really good!  What other opposites are there?

What's the opposite of over?

What's the opposite of over?


Good job!  I can't think of any more opposites right now.

What's the opposite of french fries?

I have no idea, honey.  What's the opposite of french fries?

Chicken nuggets!

Now you know.

As you all know, he's also working hard on his Spanish.  I'm getting sick of hearing it, personally, but it's good for him and he's excited about learning it.  For a while, he was crazy bout the Spanish word for pepper- pimenton.  Then he tried to teach it to John who couldn't pronounce it correctly:

Eric:  LA  Pimenton.

John:  la penmatoin.

Eric:  LA PimenTON

John: LA peeping tom.

Eric:  LA PimenTON.  TON!  TON!

Needless to say he made John feel pretty dumb and I was rolling. 


  1. Wow! That's all I got. Oh, and it's important for children to know their parent's "other name" in case they get lost or something.

  2. LOL! Yes, I know it's important for him to know my name. We did teach him our names. It's just still weird hearing him running around calling for me like that! Considering he NEVER calls FOR me by "mommy". Not even when he was little bitty! :(

  3. wow eric is like a prodigy child fer real, u must be so proud of him i know i would be