Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wanna play?

One of John's favorite things to do with Eric is mess with him.  Sometimes just to see how far he can push him until he gets upset.  Last night he kept depantsing Eric.  Eric was cracking up.  He would bend over, pull them back up and just stand there.  So John kept pulling them down.  Eric continued to laugh, pull them up, and stand there.  After a while I said, "you would think he would be smart enough to move away".  Since Eric was having the time of his life, John switched it up.  He depantsed him and then gave him a wedgie.  This made Eric laugh harder and harder.  He did learn to walk away to adjust himself, but he would come right back for more.  John eventually tired of the game before Eric did.  After the last time of being depantsed and wedgied (those are now in the Thomas dictionary), Eric crept up to John and was really jumpy waiting for the fun to start back up again.  John just sat there and smiled.  Eric got tired of waiting and asked, "Wanna play a game?"



  1. That is totally what he gets to for exacerbating his child. That was the sermon at our church on I know what happens if Fathers DO exacerbate their children!

  2. I have reminded John NUMEROUS time about that verse, "Fathers do not frustrate your children!" I think he thinks I'm making it up.