Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, my little Matthew!

Happy Birthday, my sweet little boy!  I can't believe it's been a whole year already!  This time last year, I was relieved and elated to have you removed from my belly!  You were such a wiggly little thing.  I knew during pregnancy that I was going to have my hands full with you and you haven't disappointed!  You have such a strong personality.  You are a go-getter, an explorer, and you want to do it all NOW.  It's been hard for you to just enjoy being a baby.  It has always seemed to me that you knew right off the bat that there was always something more you could be doing, somewhere else you could be going.  You HATE being confined.

But even so, you were a BEAUTIFUL baby and I loved to snuggled you (I still do!)  You arrived so perfectly.  Through the past 12 months, you have kept your father and I busy trying to learn who you are and to be the best parents for you.  This picture to the right is rare - It took me several weeks to learn that you would only sleep swaddled.  You refused to sleep any other way for 5 months! And that's only one of example of the things we had to learn to suit your specific desires!

This little smile makes my day everyday!  You are a wiggly little monster who gets into EVERYTHING, but that same personality lends itself to so much joy and playfulness.  You make me laugh with all of your games.  You are so incredibly smart and pick up on games and emotions very quickly.  You are a tactile learner.  You love to have your hands on everything and everything in your mouth.  You love to be held, but not snuggled.  You always want to be in my lap, but you holler at me when I squeeze you up!  I do it anyways.  You're my baby!

I'm so glad you are in my life.  I am so blessed to have you as my son.  And I am so glad your name is Matthew!  I think it fits you well.  Your name means "Gift from God" and you truly are!

I want to keep you little forever.  I love your sweet kisses and your tiny chubby body.  With Eric, I often thought of who he would become, but with you I enjoy the present moment.  You are in a hurry to grow up as it is.  You think you are big stuff and that you can do everything that Eric does.  You cry if we say "no" or that you are too little.  You don't like to hear that one little bit. 

I love every little moment with you.  You are my sunshine and you make me happy!  I know that God has incredible plans for you!  He has made you beautiful, intelligent, and outgoing.  I know the things you do that drive me crazy now and the strong will that you have will be used by Him to accomplish things for Him that have been designed JUST for you!  I pray that I will recognize all of your talents, help you develop them, and encourage you to use them fearlessly. 

I LOVE YOU Matthew Alan Thomas!

Happy 1st Birthday to the one who makes our family complete!


  1. So sweet. You're such a good mommy. Matthew's baby picture reminds me a lot of Sofia. They must be related.

  2. Thank you! You are a wonderful mommy too! I can't wait to meet Sofia! Those Thomas genes are strong! hehehe!

  3. Looking at the second picture of him sleeping on the boppie.....looks like you and Joshua at that age. I think we could find some comparative pics. :)

  4. awww....happy belated bday mr man!!