Tuesday, June 29, 2010


How is it possible to live in a region called the "Tri-Cities", yes, that's THREE cities to choose from within a close distance, and NONE of them offer indoor children activities for children under 5?  This has to be one of the most non kid-friendly cities I have ever lived in.  And once again, yes...that include my time spent in GERMANY.  Every time the kids and I get stuck inside for too many days in a row, I take to researching time and time again for SOMEWHERE to take them.  More specifically, an indoor playground for them to go wild at.  I keep thinking I'm not looking in the right places and every time I'm wrong.  There's nothing.  There is a place called Fun Expedition (before my sister calls me out) but it really is aimed at kids 8 and up.  Eric likes to run and play the arcade games, but there is only a small corner dedicated to the little ones and Matthew is even too little to climb up and play there.  So I sit here frustrated.  I did find a boundless playground that got rave reviews online, so I intend to try going there, but it looks like rain today.  And then there's Wetlands water park which on the surface would appear easier to take 2 children to as opposed to the pool by myself, which I was willing to try, but once again the rain is an issue.  Grrr.....my kids need something to do and I need them to exert large amounts of energy.

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