Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Festivities

Theme:  Toy Story

Eric licking the knife after I got done frosting the cake:

Funny cake story:

Eric:  Is that a CAKE?
Mommy.  No.  It's broccoli.
Eric:  It's a birthday CAKE!
Mommy:  Nooooo.  It's broccoli.
Eric:  Mommy?  Can I have some broccoli?

The cake wreck.  Please don't submit it.  This is my LAST time decorating a cake EVER!  It was baked perfectly, but a cake decorator I am not.  Don't judge me.

Eric showing off his Toy story tattoos:

Excited to be opening presents!

John thought it would be a great idea to put re-lighting candles on Eric's cake.  He also  thought it would be great to put the entire box of candles on his cake.  Here's my poor baby trying to blow his candles out.

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  1. loved the videos!! soo cute, i love eric and miss him soo much, he is soo soo very smart!