Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grocery Option

It's been a while since I've mentioned anything about whole/organic eating.  I found this today and thought some of you might be interested.  There is a website called Farm Fresh To You which will deliver a box of organic fruits and vegetables for as low as $25.  I would totally be doing this if they had it in our area.  You can customize your box by taking out what you don't like and adding what you do.  You can do veggies only, fruit only, or a mix.  I think this is fantastic.  Click here to check it out for yourself and see if it's available in your area!  A small box looks like this:

satsumas.jpg 2 lb Our Farm Orange Satsuma Mandarin info_icon recipe_icon
apple_newtownpippen.jpg 1 lb Washington Apple Braeburn info_icon recipe_icon
carrot_nates.jpg 1 bu Our Farm Carrot Nantes info_icon recipe_icon
Romanesco.jpg 1 bu Our Farm Romanesco Green info_icon recipe_icon
chard_green.jpg 1 bu Our Farm Chard Mixed info_icon recipe_icon
kale_dino.jpg 1 bu Our Farm Kale Lacinato / Dino info_icon recipe_icon
cabbage_red.jpg 1 cnt Our Farm Cabbage Red info_icon recipe_icon
lettuce_redleaf.jpg 1 bu Bakersfield Lettuce Green Leaf info_icon recipe_icon


radicchio_treviso.jpg 1 cnt Our Farm Radicchio Treviso

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