Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 Part 3

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

Everybody enjoyed the 9 inches of snow we got the day after Christmas.  Well...almost everybody.  I fussed, but I enjoyed watching everybody have fun.  Matthew HATED it.  Oh yes.  We got pictures!

I was not expecting a significant amount of snow, so I did not PACK for snow.  My poor boy is out playing in the snow hatless and gloveless.  I later found his hat (that I DID manage to bring!) and covered his frozen hands with socks.  He was CRAZY about the massive amount of snow!

The men had a snowball fight.  My dad and Chris vs. John and Josh.  Here is my husband's "fort":

And the enemy's fort:

Needless to say, my husband got KILLED!  Oh, John....

Eric makes his first snow angel.  Sort of.

And his first snowman!

The pretty trees

And last but not least, my poor little Matthew who HATED the snow!  I was running around in the snow trying to get pictures of him, and he was chasing me so I would hold him!  :(  Aunt Wendy eventually came to the rescue!

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  1. i loved the snow angel hehe, eric was too cute running around in the snow!! poor matthew, maybe he will enjoy it more next yr=) i looved how when u said u needed ur jacket eric was like u need ur jacket lol