Thursday, April 8, 2010

After the Assault....

Thank you everybody for your concern and well wishes.  We are all doing fine.  The neighbor was taken to a mental hospital and spent several days there - she may still be there for all I know.  I plan on avoiding her like the plague from here on out.  The day after the incident was hard for me and I found myself wanting to stay in bed all day.  I guess I wasn't processing everything well.  But thankfully John was off work for two days and he made sure we got out and had a lot of family time.  I even got a bit sunburned!  :)  We got some mace for me to have on me and I feel a bit more protected and certainly more comfortable with spraying someone down as opposed to shooting them!  Today John works a 24 hour shift so I have been slightly paranoid about being home alone, but doing okay. 

The boys have kept me busy and are changing so much everyday.  Matthew is talking non-stop.  Mamamamamamamamamamamamama.  OK!!!  He loves to play games and is surprising me with his smarts already.  His favorite game this week has been to get me to repeat myself.  He sneezed the other day and I said "Bless you."  Apparently that was funny.  So he continued to pretend to sneeze so that I would say bless you.  It's funny to listen to him fake a sneeze over and over.  As I type, he is in his crib trying to get my attention by blowing raspberries, dropping his pacifier, and grabbing at my hair.  Just looking at him sends him into giggles.  He is supposed to be sleeping - but then again, I'm supposed to be out of his room!  He's very particular about that! 

I have updates on Eric but I will post those in another blog!  I want to make sure he gets all the spotlight!  Well that, and I will use it for blackmail when he gets older - because that's just the kind of mother I am!  Love you boys!!!  :)

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