Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I need some Japanese food in the worst way.  I honestly think I will go to all the trouble to pack up my boys so I can go get some.  Yes, it will take us over an hour to get out the door, but I think it will be worth it.  These places should seriously consider delivery.  SERIOUSLY.  Because I would be on the phone in exactly 2 minutes (as soon as they  open).  What is with these cravings?  I dreamt about being pregnant last night, but I didn't expect any cravings this morning!!  And no!  I'm not pregnant!   


  1. But it seems by analyzing your dream, you WANT another baby? Isn't that how it works?? :)

  2. ACTUALLY, no. I didn't mention that in the dream I was BAWLING my eyes saying, "But I had a TUBAL!!!" I've been having a lot of cramps recently and I'm late. Actually, just not regular at all since I had the tubal, so I'm sure it triggered the dream. Not to mention John and I joke about it all the time.