Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Those of you who followed me on Myspace know that I was trying to start a business making glass blocks into night lights.  Nearly 6 months later, that dream is starting to materialize!  I have found a place that is willing to set up a table in their store for my light blocks and sell on consignment.  The down side is, the store takes 40%.  The upside is, it's a great way for me to advertise and since the blocks are custom made, I should make the majority of the money through people contacting me, though I can still provide the store with generic blocks.  So what's the hold-up?  Once again, I must blame my missing camera.  I want to take pictures of every block I make so that I can begin to build a page on Facebook, and hopefully a website on Etsy.  I have 3 blocks ready to go out the door, but I just can't part with them yet.  I am also anticipating the arrival of my business cards!  Yay!  That sounds so professional!  I will post the completed light blocks on here once I get a hold of a camera so you can get the word out for me!  I'm getting excited.  It would be so wonderful to earn a little extra money by doing something I love! 


  1. That is super cool. Have you tried Etsy.com to sell them also? That might be a good way.

  2. Hehehe! Thanks! Yes. I am holding off on selling online right now because I haven't figured out the best way to ship them. I need to do a little more research for the best (and cheapest) packing material for a glass block. I also want to start locally and see how it goes.