Friday, May 14, 2010


I psyched myself out before having Eric about all the things little boys get into.  I was ready.  Whatever he could throw at me, I was ready to handle.  But he never did anything.  Parents of boys his age were jealous.  The child got into NOTHING.  So I suppose I let my guard down and I felt quite relaxed about having another little boy.  TOO relaxed.  This child gets into EVERYTHING!!!  And he's super fast.  Especially if he knows you want to pick him up.  It's like trying to step on a spider that's trying to get away. 

I was cooking lunch for Eric this afternoon when I realized Matthew was a little *too* quiet.  I find him in the bathroom, playing in the toilet water.  Again, a great photo op, but all I could do was yank him up, tell him no-no, and scrub him down with the hand soap.  Which of course produced tons of grins and giggles.  What's more fun than trying to reach into the toilet and splash in the water?  Having mom turn on a faucet for you!  I'm not prepared for this little boy.  Eric tricked me.


  1. Mom doesn't read your blog often enough, so I had to read this entry to her and of course, showed her the picture. She laughed so hard, I thought coffee was going to come out of her nose.

  2. LOL! The toilet is his new favorite toy. He gets his feelings hurt if you close him out of the bathroom. You can see his little chubby fingers reaching in under the door. We try to keep the toilet seats down and the bathroom doors closed, but every so often Eric will come running in and say, "Is Mattmoo playing in the toooooy-lot?"