Monday, May 24, 2010

Make it stop!!!!!

It's time for daddy to come home.  Past time.  46 minutes past time.  Where is he?  Matthew is such a cutie.  I'm having to repeat that over and over right now.  I can't take another minute alone with him.  I'm exhausted from fishing flowers out of his mouth, closing cabinet door, washing toilet water off his hands, pulling headphones out of his mouth, resetting the TV for Eric after Matthew has mashed the buttons, giving the child baths, chasing him across the park, trying to toss smashed cheetos away for obvious reasons......Matthew IS the Insanity workout.  And I am officially insane!! 

Eric, bless his heart, is compliant for the most part, but in this awful repetitive stage.  Why do I have to hear the same thing 50 times even when I've responded to you???  Please STOP! 

Matthew is pulling papers down off of our shelf...I have to go now....JOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


  1. One of those 'fun' days, eh? LOL Hang in there, I know how you feel. You need a good break! The kind that comes with chocolates and massages...

  2. Ha! I can't wait for the fun! That sounds like an eventful day....can't complain about being bored anymore, can you?? :)

  3. sorry u had a rough day, i feel ur pain, just a couple more yrs and all will be better and the kids will get more independent and u can have some peace!!

  4. We are on our way to save you for a few days. Cant wait to see you guys. I pray things get a little better for you. (even though I do find this funny.)