Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cool Product

When I find cool products I just have to share them with everybody!  I was dreaming of decorating the boys' rooms today (you know, in that house we're not in yet) and I was trying to come up with themes for each of them.  Of course, I wanted matching bedsheets, so I was searching for that perfect comforter.  In my search, I ran across the neatest thing.  They are called Incredibeds.

I've read the product description several times and I'm still not exactly sure what you get with this ensemble, only that somewhere in that bear is a mattress and box springs set.  My grandkids will totally have one of these in the magical playroom I will have designed by that time!  You know, the one that faces out on the playground in the backyard?  :)


  1. While I agree it is kind of a neat product, it's also a little creepy. Look at it. "Come on kid, jump into bed so the bear can tackle you, smother you, in your sleep. MUAHAHAHAHAHA." Sorry, I guess it's only my demented mind that sees that....

  2. THAT. IS. AWESOME. (that's what i hear my four-year-old saying, anyway.)

  3. I think they're awesome too! Maybe I'm just a big 4 year old!