Friday, May 21, 2010


*warning! Emotions are heightened due to female hormonal fluctuations this week* should be an interesting blog week!

The time for launching LightBlox is getting close.  Soon, they will be up for sale in the store and on Facebook.  And I'm petrified!!  I am a dreamer.  My head has been full of ideas since I was itty bitty, and I don't think I've followed through on a single one.  I am so bad at being an "action" person.  I would much prefer to concoct crazy ideas and give those ideas to someone who is good at putting things into motion.  I can't say that I have good business skills or leadership skills.  I like being given a task or told what to do because I can follow direction well - so if YOUR plan of action doesn't pan out that's on YOU.  So this whole baby business I'm trying to start is scary because I'm calling the shots and it's on me.  Ideally, it would be nice to have between 3-5 orders a week.  The reality of it though is it could go one of two ways.  1)  Nobody likes these blocks and nobody will want to buy them or 2) I will get more orders than I can handle.  Either one is scary.  Option one means I've wasted my time and will have failed, though I know I will learn a lot in the process.  Option 2, though far less likely, is hard to prepare for despite the success it brings.  The logistics of single-handedly creating blocks and providing great customer service is slightly daunting.   And I'm not even touching on all the business aspects of the growth and legal paperwork I would have to have drawn up if this ever made it "big'.  How big, I don't know.  IRS stay away.  Of course, part of that is me dreaming.  I DO understand that the chances of selling a ton of these is slim to none, but I'm trying to be prepared for everything.  

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved to help make this happen.  To John, for his "loan" to get started.  Despite his doubt that anything would come of it, he gave me money to get started!  Thanks babe!  To John Grubbs, for drilling the holes in my first set of blocks.  I wish you were still around to be my partner!  If these actually sell, I could pay you to drill holes!  To Julie, for shopping with me and giving me encouragement and support.  To Abbey for your donation of ribbon supplies - that was a huge help for getting started!  To my parents for housing the supplies until I got the courage and means to begin selling.  To those who have always believed I could make a living selling my art.  I've always thought you were all crazy for thinking so, but I have appreciated the belief in my talent.  Even if this all fails, thank you all for your contribution and for believing in me.  I'm not used to taking risks or putting myself in a situation where I know failure could be a strong possibility, so thank you all for your support!  If I succeed, I will be doing something I love and that is very exciting for me!!

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