Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday was full of good news.  John got a full time position with the EMS.  His new schedule is incredible.  Work 24 hours, off 24 hours.  Repeat...I don't know how many times..then 4 days off.  YAY!  Things were looking up!  New full time position, house hunting today, vacation time on the horizon, 2 beautiful children - I was feeling incredibly grateful and blessed and also.....nervous.  They say when you hit rock bottom there's no where else to go but up.  I feel the opposite is true too.  When you're at the top, there's no where else to go but down.  And yesterday was pretty tops for me!  So even though I was awoken this morning by Matthew's lovely set of lungs, I was excited about looking at all the beautiful houses today.  After making Eric's breakfast, I focused on making Matthew's.  Then I heard the gagging.  What has this child (Eric) put in his mouth this time?  I spun around in time to watch him puke.  And puke.  And puke.  I did what any loving mother would do.  I went and got John.  :)  AGH!!!!!   John was the hero (there John!) and took Eric to the bathroom and cleaned him up and then came back and cleaned the mess up.  Eric's not running a fever and seems to be okay now, but I decided to stay behind with him just in case.  We didn't need him puking in the car or worse, somebody's house.  *sigh*  So I'm missing out on seeing all the beautiful houses I worked hard to pick out.  I was SO looking forward to today.  Eric was too.  A huge part of me wanted to pack us both up anyways and risk it, but things could have been disastrous if we tried to go.  Now that we're just sitting at home, I'm SURE there won't be another incident! 

So I am getting to hear over and over again about Eric getting sick, in typical 3 year old fashion.

"Is it terrible, mommy?"
"Is what terrrible, baby?"
"Yes.  Gagging is terrible."
"Yes.  Gagging and then sneezing a lot is terrrrible!"

Sneezing a lot.  Yeeeesss....that's what you were doing.  And then he reenacts it again and again to make sure I fully understand exactly what he's talking about.  You all know I'm loving that.


  1. awwww...glad to hear john got a full time job and sad about eric, hope he is better!!

  2. Tell him to keep is fingers out of his throat!

  3. so glad to hear he is okay and John was there to help. I had to laugh at the thought of him saying that over and over.. :)