Monday, July 19, 2010

Pretty Crazy

So...funny story connecting my 2 house-hunting blogs:

The realtor wrote me concerning the house I said I loved.  She said she saw it a couple of years ago when it was on the market for $200,000.  So, the thing I said about wanting a $200,000 house for half the price?  Yeah....  Can't wait for this next house hunting adventure!!


  1. I suppose it's possible that this house is just waiting for you! But, ask lots of questions to find out WHY it's been empty for so long...Yeah I know, 'You're such a downer!'

  2. We suspect it's been empty so long because it is owned by the government. We fear that we may have to pay cash to own it. Believe it or not, we are a bit smarter and wiser than we look! Thanks for looking out for us!