Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In order to make sure that I could stalk my stalkers, my sister introduced me to a site that keeps record of who comes and goes.  I decided to check it out today.  I've learned some interesting things.

1.  I must be getting boring.  I started blogging in April where I had 289 page views.  This has since dwindled to 230-some odd page views.  I need to find more interesting material to write about.

2.  I have a friend in Waterloo, Ontario.  Hi Canada!  Don't worry.  The site doesn't reveal your name.  Just your location.  You should leave me a comment some time so I can "meet" you.  :)

3.  Hello to Winchester, New Hampshire too!  I don't think I know anybody there.  I bet it's a beautiful state to visit!

4.  There are a few other frequent visitors from the northeast.  I wonder why people from the northeast are more intrigued by my blogs than people in other parts of the country.  Hmmm...how can I reach out and gain the interest from 1 person from every state?  I think it's my new goal.

5.  Apparently my blog is best read right before lunch or right after.

6.  Which brings me to my next interesting discovery.  My Jillian blog was the most popular one this month.  Quite fascinating with the copious amount of reading material available concerning health and nutrition.  Jillian Micheals - if you ever read this, you totally owe me.  Call me.

7.  Even though I endorse products and websites, and even though marketing directors have SEEN me promoting their products, I have yet to get anything for free.  I guess that only works if you are famous and endorsing the product on TV.

So, my combined research has led me to the conclusion that while I may be becoming a boring blogger, people in the northeast find nutrition blogs fascinating.

I think I'm going to write about ranches and rodeos tomorrow and see what new readers I can round up...


  1. fabulous! I should blog to see who reads me. But then I'd have to blog. Grrr...