Friday, July 9, 2010

The Fam's Progress

Ok!  So now that I've given you the new info, here's how we're doing!

Charity:  I feel I'm doing well with the change with nearly none of the issues one comes upon with a diet.  I really am not super hungry (except late at night still..can't figure that one out) and the meals are tasty so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.  I do struggle a bit after dinner with wanting something sweet to eat, but I will grab fruit if it gets too bad.

I promised to post my weight, so here it is.  157.  What an awful number.  It's a far cry from the 110 I was 4 years ago.  We will see what changes I can make!

I've started working out as well.  I've enlisted to John to help "train" me.  Stupid idea.  He decided doing P90X was the best way to get me started.  ugh.  I had originally thought that I would like Jillian to train me personally, but I was winded after the warm-up.  The workout was an hour long and I made it for about 40 minutes.  I got a taste of what it must be like for the people she works with.  I would have probably kept going, but John kept dropping out and I was discouraged with not being able to fully execute all the exercises properly.  We're going to work out again tonight, but I think he's going to go a different route than P90X to start with.  THANK YOU!  I forgot to mention that we did this AFTER returning from being in the swimming pool where I feel like I get a work out just carrying little boys around in the pool.  I realized I am in desperate need of some intense stretching exercises and will be working on getting a *bit* more limber and hopefully toned.  We'll see!

John:  He has enjoyed the meals.  However, he is huge into snacking right now and fusses that there is nothing in the house to eat.  So he made his junk food run out to the store last night.  He continues to drink soda, which is fine - they're not a huge temptation for me.  The ice cream can be a bit tempting, though.  He brought me back Yoplait Whips yogurt with his junk food as a snack for me.  I told him I couldn't eat it because of the high fructose corn syrup.  He said, "This is a Jillian thing isn't it?!"  It's at this point I must tell you, that I have kept hidden from him the fact that I bought her book and am trying to follow that advice because I knew he would ridicule me over it.  I said, "No.  It's a Charity  thing.  Why would you say that?"  He had watched her show the night before at work and had caught on to her getting rid of high fructose corn syrup.  He teased me throughout the night and I let him think he was crazy for making the connection, but while looking for his gun cleaning kit, he found my book!  Oh well!  He's slowly becoming more supportive as he sees I'm doing this quietly and not pushing it on him to work out or lose weight.

Eric and Matthew:  Ai yi yi.  They are not taking it well.  It seems they are alternating growth spurts, so one of them won't eat a thing for a week and I have to listen to how hungry the other one is all day.  They are not taking well to the vegetables at all.  One night, Eric went to bed hungry.  Which is hard for me.  I had given him 4 pieces of cut up chicken, a piece of a piece of broccoli (truly a quarter of a bite), a baby carrot, a small slice of squash, a sliver of potato, and a spoon full of risotto.  He liked the risotto.  He choked the chicken down.  He put the potato in his mouth, chewed it up and spit it out.  POTATO!!!  Ugh.  He absolutely refused to eat the rest of his vegetables, which combined would have been 2 bites.  So he went to bed crying that he was hungry.  I hated that, but at the same time, if he were THAT hungry..he would have eaten.  I forgot to mention that I also provided ranch for dipping all of the above mentioned food.  Needless to say, he ate quite a hearty breakfast the next morning!

Matthew isn't doing much better.  He also spit out the potato (what is wrong with these boys?!?!) and turns down all vegetables except green beans.  He loves those.  They both gobble up fruit like it's going out of style though.  They have such sweet tooths!

So that's the family update!  Not terribly exciting.  Probably not that motivational either for those of you wanting to implement a similar change in your diets.  Sorry!  Maybe there will be more encouraging weight loss entries that will be more positive.  :)


  1. wow, those boys r definitely crazy!!! i looove potatoes! yum-o! you have such awesome will power, u go girl!

  2. It's gonna be alright, I'll get you some recipes! Turning down taters, that's CRAZINESS! Are you sure they're YOUR kids?! ;)