Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Setbacks and Exhaustion

I didn't even get a chance to go look at the house I love.  It's under contract.  *sigh*  AND another one of the houses that I was very interested in seeing which was well below our price range is under contract too.  I'm still excited to see the others on our list though.  My very favorite one is what John listed at the "top" of our price range.  But it will have to come down at least $10,000 for us to get it and I doubt we'll be able to swing that one.  Who knows what will happen?  Still pretty awesome that we should be in a house by the end of the year!  :)

In other non-housing news, the boys are keeping us busy.  I'm about ready to put them both up for sale.  :)  Eric is in his repeat everything 15 times mode. (I feel like I've said this before in a previous post.  How many times do children go through this stage??)  What one conversation looks like.  Now imagine this 100 times a day (different topics of course!)

"Mommy, are you sleeping?"
"Are you sleeping?"
"Are you sleeping?"
"Are you sleeping?"
"Please stop talking."
"Mommy, I am TAWWWWKING.  Are you sleeping?"

So help me....this phase is so exhausting.  Sometimes I even change up the answers.  It doesn't help.

"Mommy, I need ice"
"Mommy, can I get ice?"
"No.  You don't need ice."
"Mommy I need ice."
"Eric.  I said no.  Stop asking about ice."
"Mommy, can I get some ice?"
"Mommy I need ice."
"No.  No ice.  You don't need ice.  I don't HAVE ice.  You're not GETTING ice.  Do not say the word 'ICE' one more time!"
"Mommy...I need some ice"

He has also remembered how I don't like people to go hungry.  So his fall back statement when he doesn't want to do something is, "I'm hungry".  Sometimes he's throwing a fit about one thing, and realizing that it's not working will sop mid-sentence and say, "I'm hungry!"  It doesn't work.

Matthew is getting a mouthful of teeth.  4 new ones have just broken  through and it looks like he's trying to get some more in.  He's not walking yet.  I'm sure he would if we worked with him a little bit more, but I can still catch him fairly easily right now.  I am delaying the walking for as long as possible!  His hair is coming in nicely and is still very light.  I really do think it will stay dirty blond, but we'll see!  He talks almost as much as Eric and like to sing the ABC's.  He's still as opinionated and strong-willed as ever, and he still likes to make a run for the toilet whenever he gets a chance, but his smile with those beautiful dimples melts me every time.  I can't help but squeeze him up!

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  1. lol, this post cracked me up, wish i was there to help in some way, just take em off ur hands for a few, i sure miss u all!!!