Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yay for Viruses!

Eric seemed to do fine the rest of the day yesterday.  He didn't eat much - I wouldn't allow much - so by the end of the day I figured it was a fluke.  I still wondered if he had gagged himself, but the repeated episodes seemed to indicate otherwise to me.

This morning he woke me up asking for breakfast.  He seemed to be in good spirits and I figured he must be hungry.  I still wanted to keep things light though.  He asked for Rice Krispies, and I obliged.  While I was making breakfast he mentioned that his bed was "wet".  This typically means he has had an accident, but he had the same shorts on and they were dry.  So I ignored him.  I continued to feed him a couple of small bowls of Rice Krispies and since he seemed to be feeling well I allowed him to have an orange.

I went back to his room to begin my cleaning for the day.  I started in the master closet by putting all the clothes away, then I headed over to his bed to make it.  Guess what was waiting for me there?!?!  AGH!  He had puked.  I have no idea when.  Does anyone else have children that A) don't get upset when they get sick and B) don't bother telling you?!?  Okay, granted, he told me his bed was wet.  *smacks head*  I was upset for a couple of reasons.  One, he had been sick and I didn't know it.  Two, (and I know this is gross but hold out for me) it was really thick - thick enough for me to scoop up and throw out with gloved hands.  He could have choked and I would have never known!!  Three, I should have been able to smell it, to get to it right away.  But it wasn't acidic at all.  It didn't smell at all really.  And I guess that shouldn't be a concern, but it kind of has been because it seems as if his food isn't getting digested at all.  I am hoping this is just a virus and not a symptom of something worse.  I know that's my hyperchodriasis coming out.  I just want him to be okay!

Meanwhile, he seems to be doing fine.  No fever, he says he's "hungry" quite a bit and he's eaten fairly well today.  He has been less active, and has seemed to prefer laying in our bed and watching Madagascar over and over and over again....

I'm a bit on edge with the puking (of course).  Any time he coughs I ask if he is okay.  He smiles and says yes, that he is just "swallowing".  I try to keep reinforcing the use of the bucket.  He really likes that being explained to him.  "I gag in the bucket?"  "Yes"  "Gag in the bucket and then put it in the toilet!"  "Yes".  All grins.  Pretend gagging in the bucket.  Bucket on the head.  More smiles.  I mean, I can't get much better than this.  God has blessed me.  I have yet to deal with a child who is so sick they can barely move.  And I haven't had to hold a child while they get sick every hour on the hour.  And I haven't had to deal with two of them sick at the same time.  I'm glad God understands my phobias.

So, under the assumption that this is a virus (and I'm wondering if it's the same one Matthew had) I spent the whole morning running around the house with my hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, spraying every hard surface in sight.  Eric and Matthew's bedrooms are complete and the bathroom is done.  I have to get to the front of the house soon.  I was just pooped from all that deep cleaning.  I think our water bill may be a bit high this month after all the hot loads of laundry I've run today! 

I know this was a totally pointless blog.  Thanks for reading!  :)


  1. I threw up like that once when I was a kid. I was about 7. I don't remember being sick, just had a pile of weird thick vomit next to my head when I woke up. Maybe it's a Thomas thing.

  2. i have had my kids do that and my sister Stacey did it when she was younger, it is weird that they dont get up, i just think its maybe cuz they r a little sick so they r way tired and r sleeping so heavy that they dont get up, its definitely scarey that they dont get up and could of choked and u wouldnt of known. i sure hope Eric gets better!!